Tuesday, August 10, 2010

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maximize Social Media in Your Business

GvilleTODAY is your social media sources told by local bloggers and staff writers filled with useful, provocative, and relevant information for the local community. We cover such topics as health, education, food, entertainment, fashion, sports and lots more.

It offers the local business a great synergy to keep you message heard by the community and receive feedback from the public. We encourage our readers to support local business by shopping local.

We also offers a FREE, community newspaper called Gainesville Gazette it is delivered as direct-mailed to homes, businesses, and organizations of West Gainesville, including the areas of Haile Plantation, Town of Tioga, Arbor Greens, Shannon Wood. All this keeps your message heard Shop Local.

The newspaper circulation 3,000 plus monthly. It is estimated that two to three additional readers will read the newspaper. That is 9,000 local readers that care about the community and want to see your ad to know who to shop local with. You cannot afford to pass this opportunity up.

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